Why Rosie's Book?

While growing up, I had a dear friend, Renee, that lived next door and with whom I spent much of my childhood. We grew, in different directions, and went on our merry way. Many years later, I ran into her parents and they kindly reminded me of the laughs they still have over my book. “What book?” I wondered with a puzzled look. "I don't remember a book." Hardy laughter accompanied their response. At some time during our childhood, I tried to convince Renee about something that her parents didn’t agree with. I told her that proof of its truth could be found “in my book.” Naturally she went home and tried to convince her parents of the same thing but they weren’t falling for it. She needed an edge and told them emphatically, “It’s in Rosie’s book!” After they caught their breaths from reborn laughter, they let me know how “Rosie’s book” has been cited for many other things throughout the years. They’ve also mentioned that they’d like to see “Rosie’s book” one day. I can’t remember all of the things that I said were in “my book” but I’m sure my dear friend’s parents can recall much more than I ever knew about – LOL!!! So, here it is . . . my version of things you might find In Rosie’s Book . . .

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's our pleasure...

What a beautiful, invigorating, and exciting set of words . . . It's our pleasure...
That's how a letter I received today from Scrap&StampArts began. Surely the rest of the letter could only be wonderful.

So what if the letter wasn't especially addressed to me. The envelope was. So what if the letter is a generic template. It still applies to me and it makes me happy.

I'd forgotten about a card that I submitted nearly three months ago for an upcoming publication. I flipped furiously through the pages of my July 2010 complimentary copy to find the picture of my card.

Wow! Yep! It's really there. Wait! Yep, the caption is correct. That's so cool!
I have to look at it again.

Does something like that ever get mundane or boring? Does anyone ever get a letter like that and not feel like jumping up and down?

I'm still basking in the total coolness of having something I made show up in an official publication. It was, after all, my first submission. I think I shall go, right now, to make something else . . .

Published in July 2010 Scrap&StampArts

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Donna said...

I don't think that would ever get boring, I get excited when I when I win and it was just a random drawing, I can not imagine, getting picked for something on the merit of my talent, Congratulations on your first publication, that is great Rose!! Wish you many more!!