Why Rosie's Book?

While growing up, I had a dear friend, Renee, that lived next door and with whom I spent much of my childhood. We grew, in different directions, and went on our merry way. Many years later, I ran into her parents and they kindly reminded me of the laughs they still have over my book. “What book?” I wondered with a puzzled look. "I don't remember a book." Hardy laughter accompanied their response. At some time during our childhood, I tried to convince Renee about something that her parents didn’t agree with. I told her that proof of its truth could be found “in my book.” Naturally she went home and tried to convince her parents of the same thing but they weren’t falling for it. She needed an edge and told them emphatically, “It’s in Rosie’s book!” After they caught their breaths from reborn laughter, they let me know how “Rosie’s book” has been cited for many other things throughout the years. They’ve also mentioned that they’d like to see “Rosie’s book” one day. I can’t remember all of the things that I said were in “my book” but I’m sure my dear friend’s parents can recall much more than I ever knew about – LOL!!! So, here it is . . . my version of things you might find In Rosie’s Book . . .

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Magic of Zentangle

Zentangles aren't supposed to look like anything.

Zentangle is an abstract art form.  You do not intentionally plan the outcome.  There is no goal or expectation of what it's supposed to look like.

Sometimes, though, a Zentangle unfolds into a wonderful, magical surprise.

Check out this little guy!  The more I look at it, I see a little running star, with a backpack full of great things, waving his arm as he shouts, "C'mon!  Let's do something cool!"

I don't have a "D" in my name but would love to share this with someone who does.  It does make a very cool "D"esigner Zentangle.  Or "D"iscover.

If a Zentangle can be related to symbolic journaling, then I really have to wonder about this one.  LOL!!!  Was it the result of my subconscious wandering toward the approaching ghoulish festivities of Halloween?  Or something more sinister?  I'd be worried about a professional analysis of this one.  LOL!!!  It kind of gives me the creeps.

If someone showed me any of these completed Zentangles, I would have thought I couldn't do it.  In fact, I probably can't do it the same way again.  LOL!!!  If anyone tries to recreate them, they may look similar, but each one will be as unique as the individual creating it.

Zentangle is a very cool art form that inspires very unique, unlimited, individual creativity.  No special "artistic" talent is needed.  The outcome is always uplifting and magical!

Find a Zentangle workshop in your area, taught by a certified Zentangle teacher (cZt), and "do something cool!"  You can find a current list of cZts here.


Cards By MI said...

Totally wonderful! So cool! I know, I sound like a kid writing that, but they really are cool!

Sonia said...

I was googleing for Zentangle and your blog came across... I am fascinated with your designs... WOW! ... I am going to keep browsing for a while... Hugs, Sonia :)