Why Rosie's Book?

While growing up, I had a dear friend, Renee, that lived next door and with whom I spent much of my childhood. We grew, in different directions, and went on our merry way. Many years later, I ran into her parents and they kindly reminded me of the laughs they still have over my book. “What book?” I wondered with a puzzled look. "I don't remember a book." Hardy laughter accompanied their response. At some time during our childhood, I tried to convince Renee about something that her parents didn’t agree with. I told her that proof of its truth could be found “in my book.” Naturally she went home and tried to convince her parents of the same thing but they weren’t falling for it. She needed an edge and told them emphatically, “It’s in Rosie’s book!” After they caught their breaths from reborn laughter, they let me know how “Rosie’s book” has been cited for many other things throughout the years. They’ve also mentioned that they’d like to see “Rosie’s book” one day. I can’t remember all of the things that I said were in “my book” but I’m sure my dear friend’s parents can recall much more than I ever knew about – LOL!!! So, here it is . . . my version of things you might find In Rosie’s Book . . .

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Layout Challenge: Echo Park Happy Halloween Plus

I generally use patterned paper in very small doses.  When I find a patterned paper that absolutely thrills me, a strip of it here and a piece of it there is enough for me.  Some designers make incredibly beautiful paper that I love to look at in full sheets and talk about how pretty it is.  There are rare occasions when I let the patterned paper bug bite and I show an obvious infectious reaction.

Here's one of those times . . .

The Scrappers Cove layout challenge kit for October included double-sided patterned paper from the Echo Park Happy Halloween collection: jack o'lantern and haunted house.  Whew!  They're really very busy patterns.  Sweet, but busy.  My kit also contained Bazzill orange and purple cardstock and a bottle of Ranger's lettuce acrylic paint dabber.

As if that weren't enough, I added some shimmering black sugar paper, a metal web/spider brad set and some ribbon.  Then I got busy . . .

I set my layered layout on top of a 12x12" magnet sheet and secured a couple of Tattered Angels Glimmer Screens Fanciful Stencils flourishes to the top of my layout background with small magnets.  I used my Copic airbrush system with a Black 100 marker to lightly outline my flourishes, allowing parts of the flourish to extend beyond the edge.  That was easy!

I guess I should add some photos - LOL!!!  This very busy layout holds eight photos. I left more “white space” in the area that surrounds the larger focal point photo to allow a place for weary eyes to rest.

Ranger’s Lettuce acrylic paint dabber outlines the b-o-o.  Now that's just plain ol' fun to use Heidi Swapp alphabet masks and just swoosh paint all around the letters.  The paint dries in a flash.  The letters clean up easily.  The impact is phenomenal.

I feel the need for MORE.  I cut two 12x1” strips of jack o'lantern paper to create the rosette by hand.  Folding this way and that way, accordion style, to the end of both strips then adhered the ends of both strips together.  Squished it toward the center and pressed it to a glue dot to secure.  Nice.  Don't forget to add some ribbons!

Done yet?  There's only room for a smithering of journaling and I must date the photos.  Ooh, wait, a chipboard ghost should flow out of the chimney.  Yes, now it's done.

It sure was fun to put this layout together . . . it's like a costume party, all wrapped up . . .

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